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The Dark Side of Workplace Civility

There is a substantial body of research showing the negative effects of workplace incivility. There is no doubt that it has a significant downside! But is there a dark side to civility? I was sitting in a meeting a few months ago that had absolutely no point to it. The facilitator was ineffective, we were […]

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Retaliation as a consequence of workplace mistreatment

“A shooting and gunbattle left two people dead and at least nine others wounded in front of the Empire State Building Friday, authorities said.  The shooter was one of the two killed, according to investigators. They identified him as Jeffrey Johnson, 56, who was laid off last year and apparently killed a former co-worker near […]

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Is he being rude to me?

Workplace incivility is defined as ambiguous and low intensity behaviours, so it’s no surprise that you might be confused when your coworker walks by without saying hello. Was he being rude? Or maybe he was just preoccupied? Nevertheless, these ambiguous behaviours occur with great frequency. Cortina and colleagues found over 70% of employees experienced incivility.  Unfortunately, workplace […]

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