Expert Witness Consulting

Dr. Sandy Hershcovis is a professor of organizational behaviour at the Haskayne School of Business, University of Calgary. She conducts research in the area of workplace aggression, incivility, bullying, abusive supervision, and sexual harassment. Her research has been published in several journals (e.g., Journal of Applied PsychologyJournal of Organizational Behavior, Journal of Occupational Health Psychology), and book chapters.

Sandy is interested in several aspects of workplace aggression, including:

  • observer reactions to workplace aggression
  • the victim’s role in workplace aggression
  • how the relationship between perpetrators and victims influence victim reactions
  • why people behave aggressively
  • how to prevent workplace aggression

Dr. Hershcovis provides expert witness services on legal cases (both criminal and civil) related to the topics noted above. She has provided services to clients such as:

  • The Department of Justice
  • Shores Jardine LLP
  • Inkster Christie Hughes LLP
  • Deeley Fabbri Sellen LLP

She has also provided expert witness testimony before House of Commons and Senate Committees on workplace harassment (e.g., Bill C-65).

Please contact her directly to inquire about a fee schedule and to determine whether her expertise aligns with your client’s needs. See the contact page.

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