Sandy Hershcovis

I am an associate professor of organizational behavior at the Haskayne School of Business.


So what can we do about workplace aggression?

Despite the large body of research that shows consistent negative effects of workplace aggression on targets and the organization, there is surprisingly little intervention research. So what can we do about workplace aggression? A recent intervention study shows that civility training seems to work. Leiter et al. (2011; 2012) showed that civility training not only […]

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Can your partner’s experience of workplace abuse affect your marriage?

Recent research seems to suggest that it can. First, when one person experiences mistreatment at work, his or her spouse is more likely to experience health decrements. In a study of over 2000 couples, Haines, Marchand, and Harvey (2006) found workplace aggression experienced by one or both partners in a relationship increased the level of […]

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Do victims contribute to their own abuse?

Over the last decade, an emerging body of research on workplace aggression has started to examine whether victims possess a common set of target characteristics.  This is clearly a controversial question because it implies that victims may be, at least in part, to blame for their mistreatment. Findings have shown that victims often possess angry or anxious […]

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The Simon Cowell Effect

“Did you really believe you could become the American Idol? Well, then, you’re deaf!” — Simon Cowell, American Idol By all accounts, Simon Cowell’s remark (above) to an American Idol hopeful was aggressive. It is condescending, undermining, rude, and was probably very hurtful to the contestant.  It meets the definition of aggression in that it […]

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Ambitious Women Beware…

A Huffington Post article  caught my interest recently. I found it interesting not because I care about Kristen Stewart (indeed her portrayal of women is probably as bad for women as the media attack on her indiscretions), but because of its implications for the mistreatment of women at work. The article describes a double standard that allows […]

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The Dark Side of Workplace Civility

There is a substantial body of research showing the negative effects of workplace incivility. There is no doubt that it has a significant downside! But is there a dark side to civility? I was sitting in a meeting a few months ago that had absolutely no point to it. The facilitator was ineffective, we were […]

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Retaliation as a consequence of workplace mistreatment

“A shooting and gunbattle left two people dead and at least nine others wounded in front of the Empire State Building Friday, authorities said.  The shooter was one of the two killed, according to investigators. They identified him as Jeffrey Johnson, 56, who was laid off last year and apparently killed a former co-worker near […]

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